Розповідь про улюблену іграшку машинку на англійській мові

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Розповідь про улюблену іграшку машинку на англійській мові викладено нижче. Описати свою улюблену іграшку англійською можна за цими прикладами.

Розповідь про улюблену іграшку на англійській мові 2 клас

Опис іграшки машинки

Варіант 1

I have a tiny little toy car. it is red in colour. it has four tires and two windows it the best car in the world my car name is vista I love that car very much.

Варіант 2

My favorite toy is my car among all the other toys.
It is a green color car.
It is a remote control car.
My father gifted me this toy car on my birthday.
It as four shiny wheels.
It runs very fast.
I play with it every evening with my younger sister.
I love my toy car very much.

Варіант 3

My Favourite Toy Car is a red coloured remote-controlled Ferrari. I love this toy car very much because it was a gift given to me by my uncle.

I love the toy car because it goes really fast and is remotely controlled. It is made of synthetic plastic and it is able to move like a normal car. It reverses, moves forward and All my friends envied my collection of toy cars before, but this red car has gotten me more friends. Like-minded friends who also love cars.

My toy car has been effective in helping me discover my passion for cars.

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